Does Deity provide tables & chairs?

Deity provides all tables and chairs, depending on your type of dinner service and your final guest count.

All events include:

Mahogany chivari chairs for dinner, silver velvet covered bar stools, 30” round cocktail height tables for Cocktail Hour/Receptions, 30” round hi-top tables for the dancing portion of the Wedding, various sized long tables for cake tables and dessert bars

Brooklyn Wedding (25).jpg

For all seated, family-style dinners in the Loft spaces for guest counts of 65-132:

60” round dining tables that seat up to 11 guests

A small 2’ x 4’ long sweetheart table

A head table of up to 10 facing out (three 6’ x 30” long tables)

Deity NYC Wedding Venue

For all seated, family-style dinners in the Loft for guests counts of 135-150:

We will do a combination of the following:

60” round dining tables that seat up to 11 guests

6’ x 30” long tables for up to 8 guests on each


For all seated, family-style dinners in the Lounge for guest counts of 65 or less:

Eight 6’ x 30” long tables for up to 8 guests

Deity Brooklyn Wedding

Does Deity provide real china & flatware?

Yes we do, free of charge. We offer white, square china plates & platters with regency style flatware.

Brooklyn Weddings & Deity Events by Le Image. Wedding photographers and cinematographers.

Does Deity provide their own linens?

We provide either satin pintuck ivory tablecloths or flat black tablecloths with plain white linen napkins as part of your wedding package. These are available for use on our dining tables, cocktail tables, hi-top tables, and cake/dessert tables. Custom colors and patterns are available through our coordination team for additional rental and steaming fees.

For more information about what is included with your Deity in-house decor package, please visit the Decor & Flowers section

Deity NYC- Brooklyn Wedding Venue

How does Deity handle outside linens or runners?

You are more than welcome to bring in tablecloths or runners, know that these items generally come with fold marks. We want your Wedding to look as beautiful as possible, so a steaming fee of $300 may incur. Please discuss what you plan on doing with your day-of coordinator during your planning meeting to make sure you get the right amount and sizes.

Deity restaurant wedding

Do we need to have a seating plan for our dinner?

Not necessarily, some couples choose to keep their tables open to all their guests. However, if you would like to have assigned tables, our coordination team will provide you with a floor plan designed specifically for your Wedding. You will be provided this only when an exact final head count is given. This occurs usually about 2 weeks before your Wedding.

Deity, Brooklyn, NYC, Wedding, Gay Wedding, Le Image

We do not allow assigned seating with place cards, it creates too much of a bottleneck at dinner time and interferes with our dinner service.

We do not provide you with your escort cards or charts. We can offer advice on these items, but this is something that you will have to provide for yourselves.

Can Deity provide us general floor plans for various seating arrangements on it’s multiple floors in advance?

We are happy to provide you with these in advance. However, please keep in mind that some of this is subject to change based on your specific guest count and meal plan. Your Day-of Coordinator will be giving you your final and approved floor plan. Here are a few different arrangements to use as a starting point only:

Deity Lounge.jpg

Loft Floor Plan.png

Deity Cellar.jpg

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