Does Deity provide our Wedding Cake?

Deity does not make traditional Wedding cakes, however cake cutting comes complimentary as part of your wedding package at Deity. We also have many bakery recommendations for you. We do offer our own selection of desserts, that are not cake. Deity Dessert

Does Deity allow outside cakes/cupcakes?

We do allow outside cakes/cupcakes. .  We understand that Wedding Cakes can be a very personal thing, so we are flexible in terms of where your cake comes from. However, please ensure that you put us in touch with the bakery to arrange delivery, storage and set-up before your Wedding day.  Some cakes and cupcakes require refrigeration, where as some do not. We will need to know what type & dimensions your cake/cupcake are s as well as instructions the may require.
If you are looking for some Wedding Cake Inspiration and Ideas, Follow our Deity Wedding Cake and Dessert Pintrest Board Here.
One Girl Cookies Wedding Cakes

One Girl Cookies Wedding Cakes

Does Deity have a preferred bakery for Wedding cakes and cupcakes?
Our preferred vendor for this is One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn. Another favorite bakery in the area is Momofuku Milk Bar, who provides deconstructed cakes, in tasty flavors. A new vendor we have just added with DELICIOUS cakes is Mini Melanie, click the link to see more. If you are more of a chocolate fan, we can recommend Tache Artisan Chocolate for Artisan Chocolates in custom designs.
We love this Momofuku Milk Bar cake with fresh flowers!

We love this Momofuku Milk Bar cake with fresh flowers!

Deity Brooklyn wedding photography by Le Image – Brooklyn wedding photographers and videographers. Affordable small Brooklyn wedding venues.

Does Deity charge for cake cutting?
Cake cutting comes complimentary as part of your wedding package. We will gladly cut and serve your wedding cake on real china to your guests, along with coffee and tea, for no additional charge.
Will Deity set up our viennese table or candy bar?
We are more than happy to place out outside desserts on already constructed cupcake towers or on tables. However, if you have a more extravagant viennese table or candy bar, a small fee will incur for our staff to set it up. You can also hire outside companies that specialize in this. Please ensure that you discuss your dessert plans with your Day-of Coordinator so that they understand how much is involved.
Or just choose from our Deity Dessert Menu for your sweets!




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