Does Deity allow outside catering?

We do not allow outside catering.   However, we are here to help design and choose your menu to your tastes or for your cultural specifications.

How many choices do we get with my Catering Plan?

Your amount of choices will depend on the catering plan that you choose. During your planning meeting with your Day-of Coordinator, you will be able to sit down and has out exactly what this will entail.  In the meantime here is a menu with the options of what your meal plan will include:

Deity Standing Dinner Menu

Deity Family Style Dinner Menu

Does Deity offer vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options?

Of course we do. Individual VEGETARIAN meals are an option, but we do have some constraints. We will have to know the amount of meals (there is a limit) and their exact table assignment. Once this is assessed, your Day-of Coordinator can advise you on how to best move forward. We offer inherently gluten-free items on our menu, so it’s best to offer those options for your  celiac guests.

Does Deity charge for children? 

If a child needs a seat, they are charged the same as any other guest.  If they are an infant in a mothers lap, we do not charge for them.  Chicken fingers and fries can be provided, if arranged in advance. Your Day-of Coordinator will require the ages and table assignments of each child for your final floor plan.

How long will our cocktail hour, dinner service, or passed food reception last?

Our Cocktail Hour before Family-Style Dinner service is generally 1 hr 15 mins.  Followed by 1 hr of dinner. Speeches commence at the end of this hour.

Our Standing Dinner will have 2 full hrs of passed & stationary food.

For more info on how your guests might be seated for the meal visit our Floor plans & Setting section.

Does Deity do Wedding Cakes?

We do not do traditional Wedding cakes, however we do take the delivery for you as well as provide cake cutting and plating service free of charge. Take a look at our cake and dessert page to find a bakery that ignites your taste buds!





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