Getting Started

We are so excited at Deity to be a part of your Wedding and are here to help make that Day Special. We know that the Wedding Blogs (and possibly Family Members) can create a lot of stress about when and how to do things in order to Plan your Wedding. We at Deity like to do things a little unconventionally (that’s why you booked us in the First Place!), and we have a process that we follow that helps ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. This site will guide you through this process.

We are here to answer questions you may have, and we know that all circumstances are different. However, we recommend that you watch these Videos first! We think they will really give you peace of mind and know you are in good hands!

Many clients are also looking for some inspiration for flowers, decor, and all of the things that will make your Wedding unique. Follow us on Pintrest for ideas. Also check out our Real Deity Weddings Blog that features past Weddings at Deity, this may be helpful in creating the look that you want.

Another great way to stay connected with Deity is on Social Media. We post information about past events and other exciting news about Deity on FacebookInstagram, and TikTok (feel free to hashtag #deitybrooklyn).

And many couples like to set up Wedding websites, to give their guests info about their upcoming nuptials. Weddingwire has a great system that is easy to use and will have easy links to Deity info and reviews. Weddingwire Wedding Websites can be found here, and Deity’s Profile is here.


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