Deity NYC- Brooklyn Wedding Venue

What does Deity recommend for taking formal bridal party photos?

We highly recommend taking bridal party photos in advance at one of the many picturesque Brooklyn locations. Check out our Deity Real Weddings blog to give you some inspiration and ideas with what other couples have done in the past.

If you plan to go the traditional route, and not see each other before the ceremony, you have 2 options. Option 1 is to step away during your cocktail hour to one of the above outdoor locations. The Deity façade can also offer a beautiful background for these shots.

Option 2 is to take a short 15 min window of opportunity to take portraits in the Loft after your ceremony if weather or circumstances do not allow for outdoor photos. If you choose this option and you are having your seated dinner in Loft, please respect that our staff will need the entire time to switchover the room efficiently. 15 min is the maximum time that we can allow, and you will be asked to leave after that amount of time.

Deity NYC- Brooklyn Wedding Venue

If you need some inspiration and you want to follow shared photos on Instagram, You Can do it Here. If you want to share some Photos yourself, please add Deity’s hashtag #deitybrooklyn

Deity NYC- Brooklyn Wedding Venue

Does Deity offer space indoors before our ceremony as an alternative if it rains?

If rain and bad weather is a concern for your Wedding photos, please contact your day-of coordinator at least 24 hours in advance. At this time they will assess whether or not Deity is available, if any fee will incur for the early arrival of staff, and the time you will be able to have access.

We understand that no one can control the weather, however we take the service of your Wedding very seriously. That being said, having an impromptu photo shoot in our space while we are trying to set up for your big day can be disruptive. We will just need to make sure that all of our bases are covered to offer you the best service possible.

Are we required to provide a vendor meal for our photographer?

You are not required to do this. Many photographers and other outside vendors put in their contracts that you have to pay for their meal at your event.  Our staff certainly will not be eating during your event.  They will be focused on providing excellent service to you and your guests.  So should your vendors.  If one of your vendors says that they require you to pay for a meal for your event, simply tell them that the venue does not allow this.  This will cut short their attempt to get you to pay for a meal for them.

Does Deity have preferred photographers?

Deity’s Planning Team has some really wonderful photographers to recommend. Your photographs are one of the most important parts of your Wedding. And we take that fact very seriously. That being said, we have worked with all of these photographers on numerous occasions and they are extremely professional (this is a big concern when choosing a photographer). The results from all of these photogs have all been very beautiful, and a lot are featured in our Real Deity Weddings Blog.

Our preferred Photographers are:

Le Image Photography

Deity Brooklyn Wedding

-offering Le Image 10% off for Deity ClientsHere is a link to their Deity 2018 Prices

here is a gallery of the all of the Deity Events that Le Image has shot a Deity

-and here is a link to a video shot by them-


Jashim Jalal


here is a look at his pricing

here is a blog post of his work for a Deity Wedding

and another blog post of a fabulous Deity Wedding

and another


Robert Carlo

Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue- Robert Carlo Photography

here is a blog post of his work for a Deity Wedding

and another post of  a gorgeous Deity Couple


Love Like Ours

SarahDanDeity Brooklyn Wedding- SarahandDanLoveLikeOursDeity Brooklyn Wedding- SarahandDan45


Emma Cleary

see photos here



Le Image 10% off for Deity ClientsReal Deity Wedding Video here

ShariFilms: An amazing Deity Couple’s video here

Mint Wedding Cinematography 


Tips for Planning a Brooklyn Wedding

Mint Wedding Cinematography Spotlight

We had some questions about wedding videography in NYC, so we asked Mint Videography and we got some answers from their co-owner, Chris, which leading to this vendor spotlight! We hope sharing the answers Chris gave us will help you decide if booking a videographer is right for your Brooklyn Wedding. Read the full post on Mint Wedding Cinematography’s Vendor Spotlight on our blog, the Brooklyn Aisle.

Learn about Black and White Wedding Photos from Julep and Belle’s Vendor Spotlight


Michelle from Julep and Belle Photography says, “with black and white, it really depends on the mood I want to evoke. For me, black and white photos can feel very romantic and nostalgic which I thought was very fitting for Jess and Chris’s wedding day. See more photos by Julep and Belle from Jess and Chris’s wedding day on our blog, the Brooklyn Aisle. 

Our Newest Recommend Photographer


After working with Vivian Nguyen Strayer in our recent styled shoot we couldn’t help, but notice her exceptional eye for detail with made the results of every shot stand out! One of our favorite things about Vivian is she is not afraid to get in the middle of the action to prop the perfect shot. Read about Vivian and see her photos in her vendor spotlight on our blog, the Brooklyn Aisle.

Photography Inspiration in this Burgundy and Gold Styled Shoot


We all love Brooklyn, beautiful colors, and a change to capture beautiful photos in a unique venue like Deity  in Brooklyn. The inspiration for this shoot came from the colors that were already in the space. With gold, brick and brass-y antique accents we wanted something to compliment the venue, which is how we found Burgundy and Gold. See many more photos from this Winter styled shoot on our blog, the Brooklyn Aisle.



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