Deity Brooklyn Wedding

Does Deity have a sound system and microphone?

Yes, we are professionally wired for sound with microphones on all of our floors.

What are our options for processional music for the ceremony? 

Your Deity DJ will be at the venue for the duration of your event. If you are using recorded music for a processional and/or recessional please provide this music to your Deity DJ. They will be responsible for setting it up and playing it.

Leon and Rhiana

Does Deity have preferred professional string musicians for our ceremony, cocktail hour, or dinner music?

We have a wonderful couple, who also got married at Deity, who are professional violinists. It is a really nice touch, and can be reached at

We also have a lovely Harpist that we recommend:

Will there be music provided for cocktail hour and dinner?

We have an uptempo and modern playlist that we use for many of our events available for all floors. As well as Pandora radio subscriptions. If you would like to create your own playlist, please provide it to us on an Ipod or Ipad only.

Brooklyn Wedding Venue

Does Deity allow a band instead of a DJ?

Yes, however, your Wedding package accounts for use of a DJ. In the instance you want to use a band, your DJ fee will go towards the cost of a sound technician to set-up the band and for the use of our sound equipment. Please ensure that we are put in touch with the band in advance.

Will the Deity DJ play our preferred music?

Our DJ will be your DJ.  They will play anything (or not play) you want. Our Deity DJs are full time professional DJs.

When do we get to speak to our DJ and provide him with our music list?

You will be put in touch with the DJ 2 weeks before the event.  At that time we suggest that you give the DJ 20-30 songs you absolutely want to hear and maybe the 4 or 5 that you don’t.

You also need to provide the DJ no later than 7 days before your Wedding the artist and name of any songs you want played for any first dances.  Also, give some thought to how you would like the DJ to announce you as a couple.

Deity NYC Wedding Music and Sound

Does Deity have a projector?

Yes, we have 2 state of the art video projectors on our Lounge level. You will be put in touch with the technician about formatting and for testing.  You or a friend will need to provide the laptop or iPad to play the video from. Apple equipment will require a special converter that you will have to supply as well. Arrangements need to made at least 10 days in advance for use of the equipment.



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