Music and Sound



When will I be introduced to my DJ? 

How will we choose song selection?

If I book a Band Can I Save Money on my Deity Wedding?

Since the DJ is on salary at Deity there is no refund for not using the DJ included in your Deity Wedding Package.

Can I see my Deity Play Before Booking?

Bands at Deity

Having a band at Deity is great fun. We fully support you bringing in an outside band. If you hire a band you must request that they bring all their own sound equipment. Bringing their own sound equipment is a typical ask for bands, so it should not be an issue. The reason for this is we do not have insurance on our equipment if someone outside of Deity blows a fuse in our equipment and that’s a very expensive fix. Lastly, the last thing you want on your wedding day is for the equipment to fail and you are left without music on your wedding day.

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