Finding Vendors

What Else Should I Book?

Luckily at Deity you don’t need much. As the basics are covered now you get to book the finishing touches that will make your Deity Wedding uniquely yours. Florist, Cake and Deserts, additional musicians like a string quartet or harpist?

Our Vendors

We have many recommended vendors for all that you could need for a Deity Wedding. You do not need to choose a Vendor from this list. We love to meet new creatives in the area, however, please run your vendor by your event coordinator before booking incase we did have a bad experience with them before, we would rather let you know right away. Thankfully, you should not need too much from outside vendors. We’ve designed our venue this way to help keep your costs low and your wedding day simple to plan and easy to enjoy. Our recommended vendors list can be found below. 

Once Vendors are Booked – Q&A

When should my vendor arrive?

Who will be the contact person for my vendors?

When should my vendors make drop offs/ deliveries?

How long will my vendors have to set up?

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