Sending Invitations

Guests / Capacity 

Venue Capacity

Our Capacity is 150 people for a seated family style dinner and 300 for a standing style dinner. 

Family Style Dinner Capacity 

We comfortably seat 150 people in the loft for a seated style dinner. This number will not overpack the space, but sit every guest comfortably.

Standing Dinner Capacity 

We can host up to 300 guests for a cocktail style reception (still including full dinner of course). If you are looking to have a party atmosphere we encourage this option! 

How Many People Should you Invite? 

The rule of thumb for wedding invitations is about 25% of people will RSVP that they will unfortunately not be able to attend. It is important to note that no matter type of dinner you choose depending on your guest count you will not need to list menu options on your invitations and collect menu cards from your guests.

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