When do we come in to Deity to finalize the details of our Wedding?

We generally have you sit down with an Event Coordinator to write down the “day-of” schedule & menu planning about 2-3 months before your Wedding. This is when you will discuss the majority of the details as well as the timing and flow of the day.

During your “day-of” scheduling meeting, you will speak with an Event Coordinator, and they will be filling out this  Wedding Schedule for our own in-house purposes. Please feel free to begin filling this out yourself to bring to this meeting, it may keep you organized yourself, as well as remind you of the details that you need to figure out. We highly recommend taking your own notes during the meeting in addition to the notes we will take. This Schedule is for the our staffing & service flow purposes.

What services does the Deity day-of event coordinator provide?

Deity provides you with a “Day-of” event, on-site Coordinator as part of your Wedding package for no additional fee. They will be present for your planning meeting and will be there the day of the wedding to execute that plan. Your day-of coordinator is not your Wedding planner. They are there to coordinate the timing and the flow of your Wedding.

As you already know, Deity provides competitive pricing and does not have hidden fees or administrative costs like many other venues. We keep it simple and straight forward without the complications of a Wedding Planner.

However, there are some additional services that we do not provide as part of your package, but can be provided for additional fees if you choose to use them. These services include: early access to the venue, food tastings, different linens or more assistance from the coordinator and staff

Does Deity allow outside Wedding planners?

We only allow pre-approved event planners.  If you came to us through a wedding planner, we are more than willing to work with him or her. But please if you are considering hiring one, consult with us beforehand.

Because Deity has 3 floors, does that mean our Wedding party will be broken up between the different floors?

No, it will not. Each of Deity’s 3 distinct levels will be used separately at different times through the course of the Wedding. And all of your guests will be together with you on the floor being used at that moment.

Deity Brooklyn All-inclusive Wedding Venue

Do we need a rehearsal?

One of our event coordinators will be there the day of your wedding to ensure that everything goes smoothly.  However, we realize that a small number of our guests want to have a rehearsal option.  To accommodate them, we charge a $500 staff fee to open up the venue for up to a one-hour rehearsal the day before the wedding.  This of course depends on the availability of the venue.

When can we drop off any DIY projects or items such as guest book, cardbox, programs, menus, drink signs, etc?

Drop off of these items are generally done in a 2-3 hr window prior to your Wedding. The exact time of drop off will need to be discussed with your day-of coordinator during your planning meeting.

Are we allowed access to Deity before our Wedding for set up purposes?

Please let your day-of coordinator know if early access is needed. Access is limited to availability.

We are planning on providing favors for our guests, how does Deity handle this?

Let us take care of this for you.  Just bring the favors to the venue the day of the event and our doorman will hand out the favors as your guest depart, thanking them for attending.

Candles, chocolates, and other treats make fabulous favors. However, we do not allow liquor or liqueur favors. It is against NY law for us to serve alcohol not purchased through Deity. If you MUST, have a liquor favor, please consult us first. If approved they would need to be passed out as guests are leaving and consumed off the Deity premises.

How does Deity handle left personal items, favors & décor?

Please be sure that all your items are taken at the end, the day of the event.  It is always best to designate a family member or friend for this purpose.  We are limited for space at Deity and do not have room to store your left items.  Deity is not responsible for any items left at our venue after your Wedding.

Who is responsible for cleaning the space?

We are, but we ask that if you hire any outside vendors, that they clean up after themselves.

What happens if it is our contract-end time, but we still want to party?

You book our venue for six-hours and almost all weddings tend to wind down at about five-and-a-half hours.  There is something to be said about knowing when the party should end. However, we do not have any time restrictions on when we must close, so if you, your friends and family are still celebrating, we are happy to stay open longer.  We just need to continue to see bar sales to justify the extra cost. To stay open beyond the contract stipulated end time, we charge a flat fee of $1,500.00 an hour plus the cost of any drinks consumed. And this must be arranged in advance with your coordinator.

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